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Rippr Gaming

Rippr is a feature-rich action RPG game that revolves around the concepts of NFTs and Staking which offers players a fascinating three-dimensional in-game environment with different captivating characters wielding numerous weapons and possessing enchanting abilities

The Story

In the late 1600s in a little town known as lahundey, an abhorrent sorcerer's spell opened up the domain of the underworld, creating a portal for demons to invade the earth.

Lahundey was vanquished by the demons yet an old midwife got away with 4 little infants which she nurtured and prepared for battle. These youngsters grew up with the order to recover their lands from the demons and vanquish regions.

The Liberation of lahundey and its environs is in their grasp and they will do everything necessary to Rip off control from the Evil sorcerer, cast the demons back to the underworld, and seal up the portal.

Important dates

Our Roadmap

  • Done
    RIPR token Private sale Launch
    12pm UTC - 15th October 2021.
  • Done
    RIPR token Public sale Launch on Pancakeswap
    12pm UTC - 18th October 2021.
  • Coming soon
    Rippr Game goes live
    16th February 2022.


Compete with 100 player on a remote island for winner known issue where certain strategic

  • Private sale - 14% (39,200,000)
  • Public sale - 11% (30,800,000)
  • Founders/Team - 10% (28,000,000)
  • Advisors - 5% (14,000,000)
  • Marketing - 13% (36,400,000)
  • In-Game Staking Rewards - 18% (50,400,000)
  • Out-Game Staking Rewards - 16% (44,800,000)
  • Reserve - 13% (36,400,000)